Science in the Studio

Holzdesign Australien: Wissenschaft im Atelier. Mainz, Germany. 2008


My research applies bending techniques to batch production in a contemporary designer-maker studio. These prototype pieces are inspired by the rich subtropical landscape that surrounds my studio. The steam bending used is particularly suited to small scale eco-regional design and production.

Pod light cabinet 
(steam-bent and laminated silky oak, silver ash, stainless steel, glass, LED lighting system, mechanical fasteners)

This cabinet draws on the craft tradition of coopering, where timber is bent and laminated to make a compound curved form. The deconstructed barrel represents the hard outer shell of a seed pod. Within this pod, the silver ash cabinet holds a precious object. The gentle spill of light around the cabinet alludes to the potential of new life; its slender dynamic legs show its precariousness. 

Bud table 
(steam bent silky oak, silver ash, stainless steel, silky oak veneer on torsion box with recycled cardboard core, mechanical fasteners)

This occasional table uses a minimal structure developed using the “bend and split” technique to produce a poetic and dynamic form. Because open ended bent forms change radius in different climatic zones, mechanical hardware allows adjustment of the table surfaces.

Sprung #4 chair
(steam bent & laminated silky oak, kangaroo leather upholstery, silver ash, stainless steel)

The latest in a series of chairs that investigate the potential of bent timber for new structural forms, using the resilience and flexibility of wood to provide dynamic forms and innovative ergonomics. 

These three forms encapsulate the related evolution of the natural world: the seed, when if survives in its pod, becomes the bud, and eventually blossoms into the ripe form of spring. The techniques used reflect the requirements of environmental sustainability, the forms of nature, and my own evolution as a fine furniture artisan.


Travelling Scholarship


24 July - 23 August 2009

Noosa Regional Gallery

Pelican St, Tewantin




Ecoregional Story


An Eco-regional story Gympie Regional Gallery


Ecoregional Story


16 June - 10 July 2010

Gympie Regional Gallery. 39 Nash St. Gympie

A solo show of furniture, sculpture, artist books and images by Ross Annels.

Opening Friday 18 June at 7pm by Dr Tamsin Kerr.

Artist Talk 'Craft and Sustainability' 1pm Wed 7 July, 2010